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My name is Coraleigh (pronounced Cora-lay) and I was born in Canada. My O-so-witty but wonderful darling husband's running joke is that when I was born my Dad said "Hey let's name her Coral, eh?". haha Anyways... I'm 33 and live on the beautiful west coast in Seattle where I officially do what all the other good little Seattleites do; work in I.T. :-) What I love to do though is play with clothes, and this blog is to be my creative outlet. :-) I am fascinated by fashion, I love the creativity of it, and I love discovering new items and piecing them all together into a gorgeous puzzle. It's inspiring and adventurous and makes me happy.  This is what this blog is dedicated to, the gorgeous puzzle. :-)  I should let you know now that there will most likely be a fair number of smileys in this blog, I try to edit them out to an acceptable number but sometimes they just sneak through.  Hmm what else? I am a romantic, have a childish sense of humor, love world travel, can wiggle my ears, and am owned by a cat who has cat-like sensibility and puppy affection. :-)

Please feel free to leave me any comments or constructive feedback, I'd love to hear from you.

My Little Family


Amazing Husband Tyler:

Puppy-Cat "Pixel TunaFish Meowington":

Sweetest puppy ever "Pascal Pancake du Snorington":

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