Monday, October 31, 2011

A Walk in the Park

I played hookey from the gym tonight, haha, and so managed to get some new pics! :-)  It was so pretty outside, it had rained a bit earlier so everything was all fresh and sparkly. It was a perfect excuse to wear my favorite rain boots as well, yay! I really loved my outfit today, the shades and textures really felt like fall to me. My jacket is a thrift find, the shirt is from a JCrew sale, the skirt I bought years ago when I used to live in Vancouver BC, and the boots are a RueLaLa 50% off online purchase.  :-)   I try to never pay full price for anything.  I wish I had some talent with a sewing machine, I have SO much respect for bloggers who DIY, and I imagine it's much more affordable, not to mention creative, to make your own clothing. Tyler and I were in a fabric store on Saturday picking up some sparkle glue for his Richard Simmons costume (it was SO funny!), and there were so many bolts of beautiful fabrics. Maybe I could make some kind of wrap dress, or just cut a hole for a neck and belt it? haha  Yeah sadly that's the extent of my crafty talent.  :-)

Top - JCrew 
Skirt - Roxy
Jacket - American Rag
Tights - RiteAid
Boots - Chooka -
xxxooo Coraleigh

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Funday! :-D

Wednesday is my favorite night of the work week. :-) It's the one night where I don't have to go the gym, yoga, grocery shop, or any of the tedious responsible necessities of life. I can do whatever I want which usually consists of reading, movies, video games, and blogging. :-)  Tonight since Tyler and I both managed to get home before it got dark and because it was so nice out we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood and take some pics. Outside pictures, yay! haha  It was pretty chilly out but that just gave me an excuse to wear my Tahari leather jacket that I absolutely love. I was pretty excited as well to get some pics in my red Mango pants that I picked up in Spain. Red is definitely one of my favorite colors to style with. I love how the shade goes so well with both my charcoal jacket and chocolate SoleSociety Amy boots; perfect fall tones.  :-)

Top - Pull&Bear 
Pants - Mango
Belt - Nordstrom
Jacket - Tahari -
Bracelets - Nordstrom and
Boots - Amy by Marco Santi -

xxxooo Coraleigh

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Date Night!

Saturday night was date night! haha  We went out to have some delicious sushi and then to one of our favorite bars in Seattle. It's called Bathtub Gin & Co and it's a really cool, intimate, low lit, speakeasy sort of place. It can be kind of hard to find as it's just a door in a back alley with a tiny plaque sign, but that just adds to the flavor of the place. :-)

I wanted to wear something that wasn't too fancy-shmance, but I did want to wear a little black dress. I decided on my LBD with the little red and white flowers as I love the softness and romance of this pattern. To add a bit more character and casualness to the outfit I went with my fav headband from local Seattle company JessieBeans, which tied in nicely with the red in my dress. :-)  JessieBeans has such gorgeous handcrafted high quality accessories, I fall in love with something every time I check out her website!  My booties are my awesome new Sole Society Noras, which give my outfit the just a bit of edge I wanted, and I love the color.

Dress - Mimi Chica - Nordstrom
Headband - JessieBeans
Heels - Nora by Marco Santi -

xxxooo Coraleigh

Friday, October 21, 2011

Styling SoleSociety's Lace Adele

A question was asked by fellow shoe enthusiast on Sole Society's Facebook wall this morning that I thought I'd try and assist with. Being that I'm more of a visual person and this seemed like more fun, I've put together a style collage of sorts here on my site.  :-) 

This Sole Society club member's question was "Would you wear the lace Adele's with any solid color or just neutrals? I love the leopard Adele's and pattern is classic but I already have some dressy leopard shoes. The lace is unique though...but how to rock them for a casual look?" and "Besides black what else are you wearing them with?"

I did a little online shopping, choosing a store which has a good variety of fashionable, affordable styles, H&M.  Next, because I find that bootie style shoes for the most part look the best with a shorter hemline I focused on above the knee seasonably appropriate dresses, which were casual as per the member's question. Shorts would also look great though as well.  :-)  

Since the Adele is a neutral tone shoe with lace detail, it's super versatile and I think you could pair it with a variety of colors, or keep it in it's neutral family with whites, creams and tans. A safe bet is a solid color, but I think that a minimal polka-dot pattern would also look great. :-)  If you wear tights with them, black would work nicely as it would then tie in with the black of the lace.

btw - I didn't list the links to these dresses because I just realized that I was on the UK H&M website the whole time, haha, which won't help our American Sole Society member. :-)

Which of these dresses do you think you would wear with these gorgeous lace Adeles?  I quite like all of these however the blue polka-dot dress, the white dress and the wine dress are my favs.  :-)  What are your thoughts for styling around this shoe?

xxxooo Coraleigh

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Hallway

Today was incidentally a Banana Republic day.  :-)  I usually try and stay away from decking myself out in a single store, cause really where's the fun and challenge in that? haha  To my defense though, I bought this light blue skirt almost 10 years ago, and just thrifted the top two months ago -gorgeous 40s style (my fav fashion era) silk Banana Republic top for $15? umm yes please! Love a fantastic thrift find.  :-D  My leopard print belt I just picked up at Express and have been dying to wear, it's got a beautifully simple buckle and a calf hair texture that I've been looking for but until Express couldn't find for a reasonable price.  These heels I've worn already in so many posts, haha, that I'm sure they scarcely need an introduction. These pair are, obviously, one of my favorites, Accent by Marco Santi from Sole Society.  I'm also adoring tights this season and today was no exception, I went with a beautiful stripe neutral gray to add texture and balance the more prominent shades and patterns.  I wish I could have gotten some outside shots as outside light is so much better than in my apartment, but I got home too late and it was dark out.  :-(  It's sad that it's getting dark so much earlier now. Be prepared to see a lot of my apartment's hallway for the next 6 months haha.  :-D

Top - Banana Republic (thrifted)
Skirt - Banana Republic
Tights - JC Penney
Belt - Express
Heels - Accent by Marco Santi -

xxxooo Coraleigh

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sunset in Seattle

It's another work outfit post! Next time I'll do something date-night worthy, it's been a while since Tyler and I have had one of those anyway.  :-)  Is that what happens when you get married? haha

Today I chose to wear another Spain item as I love them, and seems to have been my theme since coming back; I'm quite possibly trying to extend my honeymoon as long as possible via my wardobe haha. It was super chilly this morning so I was really feeling my warm creamy knit dress from Mango, an amazing Barcelona company...I also bought a fantastic pair of red pants from there that I'll have to post soon. My jacket, which I'm in love with, is thrifted. My sunny yellow cardigan was an exciting find in JCrew's sale rack, as I refuse to pay full price for anything there haha, and have actually found some amazing items at reasonable prices! My shoes are from SoleSociety and are one of my favorite pair of go-to shoes as they are super comfy, cute, and just go with everything.  I waaas wearing some awesome bracelets today as well, unfortunately I removed them at work as I had to physically work on a server and then forgot them.  :-(  This is how fashion and nerd-dom sometimes collide, haha.  I was able to catch a gorgeous sunset on my roof though, so I'm calling that my outfit accessory!  :-D 

Dress - Mango
Cardigan - JCrew
Jacket - American Rag
Tights - JC Penney
Belt - Nordstroms
Heels - Khloe by Marco Santi -
xxxooo Coraleigh

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A little sunshine in my office :-)

My office is made up of a 256 gray scale. While I quite like where I work, it is a plethora of gray. This is one of the reasons why I so enjoy dressing up, as it brings a little color and drama to my 9 to 5.  :-)  (ok yes I am aware of the irony in that I am wearing grey in this post haha)  I have one co-worker who is fond of asking me if I'm on my way to a job interview. :-) Anyway, this is what I wore today.  I just received these amazing shoes yesterday courtesy of SoleSociety and could not wait to wear them. They are sophisticated and flirty and I am so in love with the color, they just kind of glow. I was also excited to wear my new H&M dress that I bought in Spain. I know it's funny that I went to another continent entirely and still walked into a store that we have in the US, but I really couldn't resist the window display. Yes I'm a sucker for good marketing.  :-)  What I love the most about my outfit is the contrast of the bright sunny yellow shoes with the grey tweed dress plus the warmth of the chocolate knee-highs softening things up. I also quite liked my attempt at knee-high/tights layering, it makes things much more interesting I think. :-)

Dress - H&M
Tights & knee-highs - RiteAid
Purse - Coach
Necklace - Fremont Sunday Market vendor
Heels - Victoria by Marco Santi- c\o
xxxooo Coraleigh

Monday, October 10, 2011

Undressed, A Hair & Heels Fashion Show

Last Sunday I attended a super fun show presenting this season's Report Footwear and the glamorous locks of Seven Salon. :-)  I actually go to the Bellevue Seven to have my hair done and love them; btw Mandy is amazing!  The name of the show was Undressed, A Hair & Heels Fashion Show, and staying true to this the focus was on the model's shoes and hair, with most of them just wearing a simple white open collar shirt. I found the hair styling to be inspiring, glamorous and whimsical. :-)  I never like to say anything negative here but I did feel that the shoes in general, while nice, were a little underwhelming. The shoes in their campaign page were much more interesting, not sure why they didn't use more of those. I did however have some favorites on this runway, which I'm showing here.  :-)

These first few pics were from the lounge area before the show. I love this model's hair and the styling of the socks with the shoes.  :-)

I quite like the detail of the wide strap at the top of these boots.

I love the two tone violet shades of these heels.

I like the classic ladylike style of these which is made more interesting by the stacked heel.

These booties did get my attention, I adore that the delicate fit overflows with a soft fur trim.  :-)

I quite like the boots in the center.

Love these! They are the same as the black ones I commented above but in a much more interesting fun color.  :-)

I adore the tights! haha  The model's hair is also gorgeous. :-)

I'm not a big fan of tassels, but these boots are really cool. :-)

I love this model's hair!  These next few models Tyler calls lions, haha.  :-)

Love these shoes! The white python pattern is so chic.

These boots are pretty awesome, I am loving the seamless look of the wedge.

I love all of the hair in the 'lion' series, but this I think is my fav of them. :-) You've got to love a liquid gold heel too.

LOVE this dress! I actually just saw one recently on Threadsence that is pretty similar that I'm debating getting. :-)  I also really like that the ankle strap of these heels is gold.

I'd love to hear what you think and like about these. Inspired by anything in particular?  :-)

xxxooo Coraleigh
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