Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day in this Neighborhood

I miss Mister Rogers, probably my favorite show as a little kid..that and Reading Rainbow; I watched a lot of PBS haha. I always loved when the trolley would transport us into the Neighborhood of Make-Believe where time was infinite (within the scope of a 30min show haha) and anything was possible.  As an adult, life can become so crowded, busy, grey, and repetitive. It's important to find a little color, practice some creativity, and value the unexpected in life.  Keep the Prince Tuesday and Daniel Striped Tiger alive in you. :-)  I suppose I'm being a bit overly reflective today, but lately it's been very busy busy busy with repetitive adult life. This blog and experimenting with fashion are my colorful unexpected. :-)

Tyler snapped these pics of me right after work before we went to the gym (busy busy, haha).  I absolutely love the color of the top, such a rich saturated color. The skirt is one of my long time favorites and I wear it quite a bit, how can you say no to a pin striped knee-skimming skirt? The boots I'm wearing though are a very new addition and I adore them. I found them on RueLaLa for about half of what they cost in the store, yay! They are perfect for Seattle weather, are SO comfortable and have such gorgeous details like the buttons at the top and the snake skin pattern around the sole and heel.

Top - Bobi -
Skirt - J Crew
Boots - Charles David "Cursive" Leather Tall Shaft -
Necklace - gift from my Sister-in-law  :-)
Sunglasses - Gucci -gift from my husband

xxxooo Coraleigh

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Snow Cones! :-D

I had a craving for a snow cone today that would not be ignored, haha. A delicious cherry flavored ice crystally concoction!  :-D  Thankfully a little restaurant in Wallingford makes them. Yay!  Tyler and I spent the afternoon, snow cones in hand, walking around what I think would be one of the best neighborhoods to live in. Wallingford is well kept, very walkable, and has delicious restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and fun interesting shops to poke around in. If you are ever in Seattle definitely check out Archie McFee's, it's the most fun you'll have without spending a dime...unless you really can't go without purchasing a Horse Head Mask or Bubble Gum Cocktail Wienies. :-D

For our snow cone outing I felt like wearing something light and airy with a vintage feel. I decided on my new Cailey22 dress that had just come from (amazing discount fashion site!), my new thrifted American Eagle shoes, thrifted belt, and my favorite cloche style hat that I got from a hat shop in Seaside Oregon a few years ago. It was perfect! :-)

Dress - Cailey22 -
Shoes - American Eagle - thrifted
Belt - thrifted
Bracelets - gifts from Mom & a shop in Seaside OR
Armband - Morgan Ashleigh Coral Vintage Cuff  -

xxxooo Coraleigh

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Try something new

The Eastlake area, where I live, has a perfect summer patio restaurant overlooking the water called Eastlake Bar and Grill. It was another gorgeous summer day yesterday with the promise of an amazing sunset so Tyler and I decided to head off for some happy hour on the patio.  :-)  I swapped my work slacks for a pair of new thrifted Forever21 high-waisted shorts and we were ready to go.  This was my first time trying high-waisted shorts, and I have to say I'm pretty happy with how they turned out! These particular ones were pretty short though, haha, so I'm not sure that I would wear them with anything less modest or professional looking than one of my button up work blouses. These shorts walk a fine line.  ;-)  haha 

These are some pics we got on our walk to the patio.

Shorts - Forever21 (thrifted)
Shirt - Elie Tahari
Shoes - Allessandra Wedges by Marco Santi - Sole Society
Tote - Coach
Necklace - Francesca's Collections
Bracelets - gifts from Mom & a shop in Seaside OR
Sunglasses - Gucci -gift from my husband

What's a new style that you've tried? How did it work out?  :-D


J Crew I love you, but I've found someone else

I was browsing through my new Fall 2011 J Crew catalog again tonight, obsessively gushing over everything. :-)  Unfortunately I kind of exceeded my rather modest budget this month, which pretty much puts an entire new J Crew outfit out of my reach. {sad face}. There was one outfit in particular in the catalog that I especially loved though and so I decided to try and capture it's style in a less expensive way. I love what I created! {happy face}.

The J Crew Inspiration...
J Crew No.2 Pencil Skirt Blush Vintage Tweed  $148
J Crew Silk Lucinda Blouse  $98
J Crew Calf Hair Belt  $79.50

A Thrifty Asos Alternative  :-) ....

So...ok yes I did splurge a bit on the heels (in this hypothetical purchase), haha, but that is my one particular weakness, especially for heels in such an amazingly gorgeous perfect-for-fall bronze shade!  :-D

What do you think?

xxxooo  Coraleigh

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Craving Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is home to some of the most edgy and interesting fashion in Seattle. An eclectic melting pot of yuppies, alternative lifestyle, non-conformists, and hipsters live here. Dive bars and chic furniture shops often share the same block.  Capitol Hill is also home to some of the most delicious and diverse eating in Seattle. Yesterday Tyler and I decided to check out the new Craving Capitol Hill Tour that this amazing company called Savor Seattle Food Tours created. My husband Tyler and I are avid and users/contributors and were excited about this tour due to the rave 5 star reviews we found. :-)  We were not disappointed!  The 2.5 hour walking tour was led by an engaging guide who knew what seemed to be the last hundred years of Capitol Hill's history, plus included food tasting at 7 different diversely delectable delicious eateries. If you are ever in Seattle definitely DO this tour.  :-)  If you can't then make sure to try the Pesto Pizza at Hot Mamas, the Shake Shake Beef at Kiki Tap and Eatery, the Montreal style bagels at Eltana Bagel Cafe, the Frozen Custard at Old School, the Spam Sliders at Marination Station, the coffee at Victrola Coffee, and the traditional Indian sweets and snacks at Travelers Tea Company. All amazing!

It was a warm perfect sunny day yesterday so I decided to wear something light and fun. I couldn't think of anything more fun than my silky multicolored polka dot dress! I paired it with a nice warm neutral shade belt, stacked heels and necklace to really let the dots stand out.  :-)  My favorite Coach bag, which you're probably tired of seeing, haha, also came along.

Dress - Final Touch (Jujubes Boutique)
Necklace - J Crew
Shoes - American Eagle (thrifted)
Belt - thrifted
Tote - Coach
Sunglasses - Gucci (gift from my husband)

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!!  :-)


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fall in love

It's almost fall! :-D  Wow I can't beleive I'm excited for fall having had such a brief summer, but I can't wait to start wearing a whole new season of patterns, tones, styles and fabrics. This season is going to be full of rich jewel tones, satins, delicate lace, big knits, and sophisticated vintage; all of my favorite things! I'm loving Banana Republic's new Mad Men inspired 60s line, as well as JCrew's Fall line which is as on-trend and beautifully detailed as usual.  I've included here a few of my favorite fashion pics for this season, and I didn't want to overwhelm you with pictures, as there were SO many that i loved, so I've narrowed it down to a small handful.  :-)

I've also been having a bit of fun creating a virtual fall outfit for myself, courtesy of, and this is what I would love to wear this season.  :-)

1 - Day Birger Et Mikkelsen Day striped layer t-shirt
2 -  Brixton Portman Felt Cloche Hat - Pecan
3 - Oliver Peoples Lipsofire Tortoise Sunglasses
4 - Christian Louboutin Miss Tack Boot
5 - Coach Poppy Sequins Poppy Cinch
6 - Park Avenue Necklace
7 - Sash Skirt

What are you looking forward to wearing this fall?  :-)


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Girl Monday

I woke up feeling very 1940s Girl Friday yesterday, it must have been the Cary Grant dream I had which I won't go into details here, haha. Anyways, the result was something that I was really pleased with! I had just discovered this gorgeously fun headpiece from Nordstrom a few days before and couldn't wait any longer to wear it. :-) I suppose I am sorta the office eccentric, always pushing the jeans/plain-tshirt norm that exists around me at work, especially in my department (I.T.), haha. I've only had 2 verbal warnings though, so not too bad.

On another note, I've been planning my 2 week honeymoon vacation in Spain! It's coming up fast, Sept 9th, and I'm SO excited!  I can't wait to do some photography there, to see first hand the beautiful people and chic styles. I'll be sure to post pictures.  :-)  We'll be travelling via our rental car along the Costa del Sol in the south and then up through Sevilla, through Madrid and into wine country in the Ribera de Duero region. It's going to be beautiful.  Any tips, suggestions? More importantly what should I wear? :-D

Top - Lush - Thrifted
Skirt - Banana Republic
Shoes - Delicious - Thrifted
Headpiece - Nordstrom
Bracelet - gift from Mom  :-)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Heart & Sole

I just found out last night that I along with five other beautiful stylish ladies have won Sole Society's Fashion Insider Contest!!! :-D  I've won a free pair of their gorgeous shoes, AND I'll be featured on their website, possibly in October, as a Fashion Insider! I am SO excited! This contest was actually the inspiration for me to begin this blog site, as it was judged by 6 amazing fashionable bloggers (They are in my Inspirations list on the right side of my page)  for whom I have much respect for, and I loved how Sole Society reached out to us regular women for our fashionable shoe-wearing style opinions. :-)

For anyone who hasn't visited them yet Sole Society is an online personalized shoe club specializing in designer quality shoes that are stylishly similar to ones you would see on the runway! Since their company launch to the public in March 2011 I've excitedly and without trepidation purchased a pair every month.  I LOVE their shoes. I had never before purchased shoes online for fear that they wouldn't fit right, or pinch my feet or look cheaper in person. Every pair that I've received are so high quality, look amazing, and as I joke to my husband sometimes, I could probably jog in them (not going to try though, haha).

As part of the contest we were asked to submit a photo of our stylish selves wearing our favorite pair of Sole Society shoes. I immediately decided to go with my stunning red "Accent" pair as they are the pride of my shoe collection. :-)  Since I really wanted to highlight the shoes for the photos I wore a neutral palette of colors. My brown cotton shorts, embroidered grey ruffle tank, silver silky ribbon belt, and white cloche style hat fit my objective perfectly. I also added my fun little red patent leather Coach wristlet to play off the shoes. :-)  This combo also had an interesting variety of textures which is another thing I love to do when styling an outfit.

Beginning with the photo I submitted to the contest, below are the photo's my husband Tyler took of me that day.  :-)  This was my first photoshoot ever so I only have a few pics, haha.

Top - Lush - Nordstrom
Shorts- American Eagle
Shoes - Accent by Marco Santi - Sole Society
Wristlet - Coach
Hat - ? - a shop in Seaside, OR
Bracelet - ? - a shop in Seaside, OR

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Hour at Gasworks Park

Wednesday night after work Tyler and I decided it would be fun and something different to meet up with some friends at Gasworks Park for our own Happy Hour. :-)  We packed up crackers and cheeses, jellys and honey, and a bottle of white wine, yummm. Gasworks is actually right across the water from us, we see it every day from our window, but haven't been in ages. It's a beautiful park with an amazing view of the city, and still retains its original coal to gas processing towers from 1906.

Tyler managed to snap these pics of me before we met up with our friends. :-)  I had just picked up this skirt at a thrift store; I fell in love with the deep saturated teal color, and couldn't wait to wear it. Pairing it with something I already had, though, was a bit trickier than I thought due to this amazing shade. In the end I decided to go with an orange tank because I love how color wheel opposites attract (art class 101 haha). The tank did kinda scream ORANGE though, plus I was after a bit of a dressier look so I layered it with a slightly opaque silver tank. For accessories I went with grey/silver tones to play off the silver tank and to provide a sort of a neutral background to balance out the powerful blue and orange colors going on. I chose wedge shoes because I love heels and since I knew we were going to be on grass, I didn't want to sink in. Plus, I love the way that strappy-bootie style shoes look with skirts and shorts. :-)

Skirt - XOXO (thrifted)
Orange tank - Costco
Silver Tank - Club Monaco
Shoes - Allessandra Wedges by Marco Santi - Sole Society
Wristlet - Coach
Sunglasses - Thrifted
Watch - borrowed from Husband
Necklace - JCrew

Monday, August 8, 2011


In honor of SeaFair I decided to wear my new thrifted Forever21 dress, which is very 'navy'.  :-)  Add some classic pearls, Coach flats, Gucci sunnies and Coach tote and it's a classy girl-about-town outfit. It turned out to be a pretty good mix, I loved it.  :-)

Since it was one of those lazy summer Sundays where we had no where especially to be (love those!), Tyler and I decided to walk about the neighborhood a bit and do some photography, fun! We live in Eastlake which is on the east side of Lake Union and as Seattle neighborhoods go is a bit of a hidden gem, with some beautiful old cobblestone roads, interesting houses, and gorgeous greenery.

Dress - Heritage 1981(Forever21 -thrifted)
Necklace - gift from my Mom  :-)
Shoes - Coach (Nordstrom Rack)
Tote - Coach
Sunglasses - Gucci (gift from my husband)

We ran into these little guys on our walk, and they were SO funny! Tyler and I loooove French Bulldogs and plan to get a little guy of our own this winter, yay! So excited!

The amazing sunset we went to sleep with.  Love Seattle.  :-)

How was your weekend? Do you have an airshow or festival going on this time of year? Any advice from a French Bulldog owner, besides getting earplugs for the snoring? haha

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