Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy U.S. Thanksgiving! This was actually my second one this year, haha. The Canadian one was on Oct 10th and we spent it with my Dad's family up in Vancouver which was wonderful.  :-)  U.S. Thanksgiving, yesterday, Tyler and I spent together with our furry family, and made a little 4lbs turkey, candied yams and asparagas, delicious! It was so cold outside with the crazy wind making the torrential downpour come at us sideways that we ended up spending most of the day inside curled up in front of our fireplace, nice and cozy.  :-)  All in all an excellent Thanksgiving!

This is what I wore out for the brief time that we had to run a few errands. I love my super warm cozy JCrew sweater (sale rack find last year!), its so easy to layer over anything. My Forever21 shorts are thrifted and are a nice heavy tweed material; I love the color shade and pattern. I paired them with my burgundy tights to play off the pink tones and then layered them with my brown knee highs, both for added warmth haha, and cause I just really like the two tone look, it's subtle here but more interesting.  :-)  I also chose to wear my Sole Society "Amy" boots that are perfect for this cold winter-transitional rainy Seattle weather. If you aren't yet a Sole Society member I highly recommend them; high quality, on trend, gorgeous shoes for $50 per pair -and I believe they are having a 30% off Cyber Monday sale.  :-)  Mr. Pancake Snorington also managed to sneak into a few shots, he is so cuddly and always wants to be where we are, love him!

Sweater - JCrew
Top - Costco
Shorts - Forever21
Tights - JC Penney and RiteAid
Boots - Amy by Marco Santi -

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
xxxooo Coraleigh

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pascal Pancake du Snorington

A week and a half ago Tyler and I welcomed a tiny 4lbs Pancake into our family. :-)  His full AKC name is Pascal Pancake du Snorington. He's a French Bulldog and is the sweetest, cuddliest, most lovable puppy ever but wow what a lot of work! Haha We have been SO tired, even with taking turns, we've had to wake up every 2-3 hours at night to take him out to pee. It's like we have a new human baby hahaha. He is so silly and playful and adorable though so it's all worth it. :-)  He's even already learned to sit and stay, and is getting really good at remembering to use his pee pad; such a smart little guy.

We took these pics last night before going out bowling. :-) We're in a Thursday night fall bowling league which is a blast, even though I suck haha.  Last night was big hat theme night so I wore the biggest hat I had, which I know isn't that big especially compared to some of them that were there, which were also hilarious, but I really wanted to take part!  I also really wanted to wear my new Tart dress and Portolano gloves that I'm in love with, so yeah i know I don't look like I'm going bowling haha, but it's what I wanted to wear. :-D  Let me tell you it looked awesome with bowling shoes! haha

Dress - Tart Collections "Tempe" -
Hat - Nordstrom
Gloves - Portolano -
Heels - Nina by Marco Santi -
xxxooo Coraleigh

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gorgeous Crazy Seattle Center

Finally a new post! haha.  I'm sorry I haven't contributed anything in a while, I've had the worst flu so felt really lethargic and pretty much have been just wearing my PJs lately which wouldn't make much of a post anyways haha.  Feeling much better now though. :-)  These pics are from Sunday when I had crazy cabin fever and had to get out.  Tyler and I went to the Seattle Center which is home to a beautiful park as well as a bunch of really cool attractions some of which date back to the 1962 World's Fair. A few of these attractions include the Space Needle, the Experience Music Project "EMP", the Pacific Science Center, and a water sculpture fountain.  I think the EMP is my favorite as it was designed by Frank Gehry and houses the best music and science fiction museums I've ever been to. Plus it's just a really interesting, gorgeous, crazy building. :-)

Btw off topic but I'm SO excited!!  We're getting our new puppy tomorrow night! He's a French Bulldog who we're naming Pascal Pancake du Snorington, haha, Pancake for short.  :-D  So be prepared to see  a LOT of puppy in my future posts.  :-)

Jacket - JCrew 
Belt - Nordstrom
Dress - Francesca's Collections Boutique
Tights - JC Penney
Purse - Coach
Armband - Morgan Ashleigh Coral Vintage Cuff -
Boots - Charles David -

xxxooo Coraleigh
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