Monday, October 10, 2011

Undressed, A Hair & Heels Fashion Show

Last Sunday I attended a super fun show presenting this season's Report Footwear and the glamorous locks of Seven Salon. :-)  I actually go to the Bellevue Seven to have my hair done and love them; btw Mandy is amazing!  The name of the show was Undressed, A Hair & Heels Fashion Show, and staying true to this the focus was on the model's shoes and hair, with most of them just wearing a simple white open collar shirt. I found the hair styling to be inspiring, glamorous and whimsical. :-)  I never like to say anything negative here but I did feel that the shoes in general, while nice, were a little underwhelming. The shoes in their campaign page were much more interesting, not sure why they didn't use more of those. I did however have some favorites on this runway, which I'm showing here.  :-)

These first few pics were from the lounge area before the show. I love this model's hair and the styling of the socks with the shoes.  :-)

I quite like the detail of the wide strap at the top of these boots.

I love the two tone violet shades of these heels.

I like the classic ladylike style of these which is made more interesting by the stacked heel.

These booties did get my attention, I adore that the delicate fit overflows with a soft fur trim.  :-)

I quite like the boots in the center.

Love these! They are the same as the black ones I commented above but in a much more interesting fun color.  :-)

I adore the tights! haha  The model's hair is also gorgeous. :-)

I'm not a big fan of tassels, but these boots are really cool. :-)

I love this model's hair!  These next few models Tyler calls lions, haha.  :-)

Love these shoes! The white python pattern is so chic.

These boots are pretty awesome, I am loving the seamless look of the wedge.

I love all of the hair in the 'lion' series, but this I think is my fav of them. :-) You've got to love a liquid gold heel too.

LOVE this dress! I actually just saw one recently on Threadsence that is pretty similar that I'm debating getting. :-)  I also really like that the ankle strap of these heels is gold.

I'd love to hear what you think and like about these. Inspired by anything in particular?  :-)

xxxooo Coraleigh


  1. The shoes, the shoes!!! I love the shoes and it only inspires me to buy more!! HA You have a new subscriber. I found you through the Sole Society fan page. ^_^

    Check out my blog:

  2. I love ALL the shoes!!! love them! The shoes where you comment, "I like the classic ladylike style of these which is made more interesting by the stacked heel." remind me of the Mojo Moxy Sophia pumps (perhaps the Mojo Moxy shoes are a copy though) which are on my wish list! I love any shoes that are vintage-inspired (the unique chunky or conical heel with the very ladylike, classy upper).

    The Shoe Doctor, PhD Blog


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