Friday, October 14, 2011

Sunset in Seattle

It's another work outfit post! Next time I'll do something date-night worthy, it's been a while since Tyler and I have had one of those anyway.  :-)  Is that what happens when you get married? haha

Today I chose to wear another Spain item as I love them, and seems to have been my theme since coming back; I'm quite possibly trying to extend my honeymoon as long as possible via my wardobe haha. It was super chilly this morning so I was really feeling my warm creamy knit dress from Mango, an amazing Barcelona company...I also bought a fantastic pair of red pants from there that I'll have to post soon. My jacket, which I'm in love with, is thrifted. My sunny yellow cardigan was an exciting find in JCrew's sale rack, as I refuse to pay full price for anything there haha, and have actually found some amazing items at reasonable prices! My shoes are from SoleSociety and are one of my favorite pair of go-to shoes as they are super comfy, cute, and just go with everything.  I waaas wearing some awesome bracelets today as well, unfortunately I removed them at work as I had to physically work on a server and then forgot them.  :-(  This is how fashion and nerd-dom sometimes collide, haha.  I was able to catch a gorgeous sunset on my roof though, so I'm calling that my outfit accessory!  :-D 

Dress - Mango
Cardigan - JCrew
Jacket - American Rag
Tights - JC Penney
Belt - Nordstroms
Heels - Khloe by Marco Santi -
xxxooo Coraleigh


  1. I'm really loving your style! Love how you mix pops of colors in your outfits :)

    <3 from San Francisco

  2. Thank you so much! I love building an outfit around a statement color, I feel like it makes the outfit more interesting and fun. I really enjoyed using two this time, I suppose it's almost like a mini color-block. :-D

  3. That shade of yellow is great with your features! The cardigan adds "sunshine" to the neutral dress. Love!


  4. My favorite part of this outfit is the belt! That belt is soooo pretty! Also, I think you're a great stylist AND model! :-)

  5. Thank you so much for the comments Abbey and Shoety!!

    I am just absolutely loving yellow right now. :-) It just seems to add such great interest to so many outfits.

    Isn't that a fantastic belt! I love that it's thin too as it gives a perfect subtle pop of fresh color. They still have it at Nordstrom, along with a few other colors if you are interested. :-)

    xxxooo Coraleigh

  6. Great pics! It is good to see another Seattle blogger. Love your shoes!

  7. I love your outfit! I also love your hair! You should do a tutorial about it. I have long hair too but am not creative enough, LOL.

    The Shoe Doctor, PhD blog


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