Friday, October 21, 2011

Styling SoleSociety's Lace Adele

A question was asked by fellow shoe enthusiast on Sole Society's Facebook wall this morning that I thought I'd try and assist with. Being that I'm more of a visual person and this seemed like more fun, I've put together a style collage of sorts here on my site.  :-) 

This Sole Society club member's question was "Would you wear the lace Adele's with any solid color or just neutrals? I love the leopard Adele's and pattern is classic but I already have some dressy leopard shoes. The lace is unique though...but how to rock them for a casual look?" and "Besides black what else are you wearing them with?"

I did a little online shopping, choosing a store which has a good variety of fashionable, affordable styles, H&M.  Next, because I find that bootie style shoes for the most part look the best with a shorter hemline I focused on above the knee seasonably appropriate dresses, which were casual as per the member's question. Shorts would also look great though as well.  :-)  

Since the Adele is a neutral tone shoe with lace detail, it's super versatile and I think you could pair it with a variety of colors, or keep it in it's neutral family with whites, creams and tans. A safe bet is a solid color, but I think that a minimal polka-dot pattern would also look great. :-)  If you wear tights with them, black would work nicely as it would then tie in with the black of the lace.

btw - I didn't list the links to these dresses because I just realized that I was on the UK H&M website the whole time, haha, which won't help our American Sole Society member. :-)

Which of these dresses do you think you would wear with these gorgeous lace Adeles?  I quite like all of these however the blue polka-dot dress, the white dress and the wine dress are my favs.  :-)  What are your thoughts for styling around this shoe?

xxxooo Coraleigh


  1. OMG I love this and it's so helpful too. Thank you! I can't wait to get my lace Adele's and try out similar looks. Sometimes it's hard to visualize how a shoe will look with different colors and styles. This helped me greatly. Thanks again!! Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. Oh I'm so glad!! You should upload some pics to Facebook when you get them, I know we'd all love to see how you've styled yours. :-D

    xxxooo Coraleigh


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