Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sole Society Feature!

I've been featured as a Fashion Insider, for the month of October, on my favorite shoe club's website! I'm so excited and honored.  :-)  Below is a pic of my page on their site, or you can see it live through October here -> Sole Society Fashion Insiders.

A snipit from my August post about them -> "For anyone who hasn't visited them yet Sole Society is an online personalized shoe club specializing in designer quality shoes that are stylishly similar to ones you would see on the runway! Since their company launch to the public in March 2011 I've excitedly and without trepidation purchased a pair every month.  I LOVE their shoes. I had never before purchased shoes online for fear that they wouldn't fit right, or pinch my feet or look cheaper in person. Every pair that I've received are so high quality, look amazing, and as I joke to my husband sometimes, I could probably jog in them (not going to try though, haha)."

xxxooo Coraleigh

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