Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Hallway

Today was incidentally a Banana Republic day.  :-)  I usually try and stay away from decking myself out in a single store, cause really where's the fun and challenge in that? haha  To my defense though, I bought this light blue skirt almost 10 years ago, and just thrifted the top two months ago -gorgeous 40s style (my fav fashion era) silk Banana Republic top for $15? umm yes please! Love a fantastic thrift find.  :-D  My leopard print belt I just picked up at Express and have been dying to wear, it's got a beautifully simple buckle and a calf hair texture that I've been looking for but until Express couldn't find for a reasonable price.  These heels I've worn already in so many posts, haha, that I'm sure they scarcely need an introduction. These pair are, obviously, one of my favorites, Accent by Marco Santi from Sole Society.  I'm also adoring tights this season and today was no exception, I went with a beautiful stripe neutral gray to add texture and balance the more prominent shades and patterns.  I wish I could have gotten some outside shots as outside light is so much better than in my apartment, but I got home too late and it was dark out.  :-(  It's sad that it's getting dark so much earlier now. Be prepared to see a lot of my apartment's hallway for the next 6 months haha.  :-D

Top - Banana Republic (thrifted)
Skirt - Banana Republic
Tights - JC Penney
Belt - Express
Heels - Accent by Marco Santi -

xxxooo Coraleigh


  1. That belt is darling!


  2. Cute outfit, and I love the 40's too!


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