Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A little sunshine in my office :-)

My office is made up of a 256 gray scale. While I quite like where I work, it is a plethora of gray. This is one of the reasons why I so enjoy dressing up, as it brings a little color and drama to my 9 to 5.  :-)  (ok yes I am aware of the irony in that I am wearing grey in this post haha)  I have one co-worker who is fond of asking me if I'm on my way to a job interview. :-) Anyway, this is what I wore today.  I just received these amazing shoes yesterday courtesy of SoleSociety and could not wait to wear them. They are sophisticated and flirty and I am so in love with the color, they just kind of glow. I was also excited to wear my new H&M dress that I bought in Spain. I know it's funny that I went to another continent entirely and still walked into a store that we have in the US, but I really couldn't resist the window display. Yes I'm a sucker for good marketing.  :-)  What I love the most about my outfit is the contrast of the bright sunny yellow shoes with the grey tweed dress plus the warmth of the chocolate knee-highs softening things up. I also quite liked my attempt at knee-high/tights layering, it makes things much more interesting I think. :-)

Dress - H&M
Tights & knee-highs - RiteAid
Purse - Coach
Necklace - Fremont Sunday Market vendor
Heels - Victoria by Marco Santi- c\o
xxxooo Coraleigh


  1. you are right! they do look big! From what I can tell (just eyeing it), they look about 1/2 size large. Were inserts sufficient for correcting the fit?

    I love your outfit by the way! I think the grey dress is perfect to accent the small amounts of color: the bright red lipstick, teal nail polish, and yellow shoes. And I think your knee-high/tights combination was a success! I will have to attempt the style sometime.

    The Shoe Doctor Blog

  2. Hi Chee! I love your blog btw. :-)

    Yeah I'm wondering if perhaps a half size smaller might have fit better. The inserts did help but really mostly when barefoot, more traction that way. :-) I'm just worried that the smaller would have been too small because as it is when I walk my toes kind of smush at the front. It's a tricky shoe to size I think. I'm really curious what other people will have to say about theirs on Sole's wall.

    Thank you for the compliments! I just got this new nail color today and adore it, it's called Fairy Teal by Sally Hansen, haha, love the names they give polish. The tights were so fun to do, I'm eager to do more with them now.


  3. I had to run on over and check it out! I am all about it. Business casual with a fashion twist.


  4. Oh I love the outfit! Grey is my favorite color too and I think you look amazing. The shoes are beautiful!!!

  5. So pretty.

    and i'm so excited to see another active seattle blogger!
    Hope you follow back <3

  6. when buying high heels, you should go a half size smaller. I can't stand seeing women wearing shoes with that gap in the back. I always buy the half size smaller and they fit perfect.

  7. Thank you everyone for your comments! I really loved creating this outfit. :-)

    Next time I think I will follow the half size smaller shoe advice and see if that helps. I do have a kind of an in between size foot haha, so sizing is always a challenge for me. :-)


Thank you for commenting! :-)

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