Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fremont Sunday Market

Every Sunday afternoon, in an eclectic little neighborhood called Fremont, Seattle has a diverse rambling outdoor market aptly named the Fremont Sunday Market. It's part farmers part flea market so you can find anything from fresh produce and wood oven fired pizza (yumm) to vintage jewelry and old records. It's really fun to browse through on a lazy Sunday.  :-D  A lazy Sunday is exactly what Tyler and I were having so we decided to go for a stroll through.

Since we got back from Spain I've been wearing almost nothing but what I bought there in Madrid, and today was no exception haha. My blouse and skirt are both from there, from stores called Pull & Bear (the name made me laugh so I had to go in), and Mango (love them!). My hat I picked up from Anthropologie when I went to their fashion show a few weeks ago and have been obsessed with ever since; cloche hats are my favorite.  There is a red one in the pics below that I'm pretty sure I'm going to go and purchase next Sunday. :-)  My gorgeous knee high socks I actually just bought today from a little shop called Burnt Sugar on the way to the market, haha.  My shoes, from I've worn SO many times in my posts, but they are always just so perfect.  :-)

Blouse - Pull & Bear
Skirt - Mango
Knee-highs - Burnt Sugar
Hat - Anthropologie
Heels - Accent by Marco Santi-
Purse - Coach

Do you have an awesome flea market in your city that you go to?

xxxooo Coraleigh


  1. nice outfit :D
    I'll definitely will following you if you follow me :D
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  2. The socks are adorable. Love this look!



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