Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fashion's Night Out at The Bravern

It's Fall Fashion Week in Seattle! ..well ok more like fall fashion month, but I'm certainly not complaining. :-D   A few weeks ago, actually the night before I left for my Spain trip, I attended the Fashion's Night Out at The Bravern in Bellevue. It was a very chic affair with all of the Bravern's boutiques open and serving delectable goodies; yes, I've decided that I do enjoy sipping champagne while admiring the latest in Hermès scarves.  :-)  Weaving through the myriad of fashionably clad men and women I made it to a fantastic Anthropologie show (kicking myself for not getting any pictures of it -forgot my camera in the car, sigh), and a gorgeous Neiman Marcus show (got pics of that one!).

The Neiman Marcus show was just stunning with their perfectly on trend accessories, sumptuously rich jewel tones and textures, and their usual well tailored clean lines. I was absolutely in love with all of the hats they showed!

It was difficult but I've chosen a handful of my favorite, and very wearable, outfits from this show below. :-)

What do you think of these?

xxxooo Coraleigh


  1. I adore the jewel tones and clean lines - great seat for the show! Apparently Seattle is the place to be for fashion month, ahem, week!


  2. The red cape with fur trim and those red pumps are PHENOMENAL. Amazing looks! Thanks for the post.



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