Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pike Place

Labor day weekend was perfect. Celebrated a friend's birthday Friday, took the motorcycles up to Leavenworth on Sunday, and hung out at Pike Place Market in Seattle on Monday. Love long weekends. :-) Unfortunately I didn't get any pics at Leavenworth due to some poor last minute planning on my part haha, but it's this really fun little Bavarian town that you should definitely visit if you're ever in Washington. We're thinking about visiting again for Octoberfest, yay!  Pike Place was also great, it's one of those places where you can just wander for hours looking at cool arts and crafts, sample amazing food, and bring home the largest freshest bouquets of flowers and pounds of seafood imaginable! The pictures we took were from later in the evening since it was way too crowded there earlier to get any good shots. Unfortunately this meant that all the interesting booths and such were closed up, but on the bright side we were able to take advantage to photograph in the really cool historic interior.

I was going for a fresh, flirty, fun look and so wore my favorite adorable necklace, ruffly sheer button-up, silky polka-dot shorts, and orange tank for a little pop of color.  :-)

Top - The Limited
Tank - Costco
Shorts - Free People - thrifted
Heels - BCBG- 6pm.com
Necklace - Nordstrom Rack
How was your Labor Day weekend?  :-)
xxxooo  Coraleigh


  1. Those polka dot shorts are so chic and fun!





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