Saturday, August 27, 2011

Snow Cones! :-D

I had a craving for a snow cone today that would not be ignored, haha. A delicious cherry flavored ice crystally concoction!  :-D  Thankfully a little restaurant in Wallingford makes them. Yay!  Tyler and I spent the afternoon, snow cones in hand, walking around what I think would be one of the best neighborhoods to live in. Wallingford is well kept, very walkable, and has delicious restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and fun interesting shops to poke around in. If you are ever in Seattle definitely check out Archie McFee's, it's the most fun you'll have without spending a dime...unless you really can't go without purchasing a Horse Head Mask or Bubble Gum Cocktail Wienies. :-D

For our snow cone outing I felt like wearing something light and airy with a vintage feel. I decided on my new Cailey22 dress that had just come from (amazing discount fashion site!), my new thrifted American Eagle shoes, thrifted belt, and my favorite cloche style hat that I got from a hat shop in Seaside Oregon a few years ago. It was perfect! :-)

Dress - Cailey22 -
Shoes - American Eagle - thrifted
Belt - thrifted
Bracelets - gifts from Mom & a shop in Seaside OR
Armband - Morgan Ashleigh Coral Vintage Cuff  -

xxxooo Coraleigh


  1. Just found your blog, this outfit is so cute and summery. AND your comments about snowcones is making me crave one now big time, green apple :) Yum. Great post and you look really pretty.

    Following you now
    I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco

  2. How cute are you!! I love these fun photos :)


  3. I've been looking everywhere for sno-cones, where is this sno-cone restaurant??? You listed everything else in the photo... :(

    1. Geez I can't believe that I didn't list the name of the place! It's called Hawaiian Breeze and it's listed on their menu as shave ice. Enjoy! :-D.


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