Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day in this Neighborhood

I miss Mister Rogers, probably my favorite show as a little kid..that and Reading Rainbow; I watched a lot of PBS haha. I always loved when the trolley would transport us into the Neighborhood of Make-Believe where time was infinite (within the scope of a 30min show haha) and anything was possible.  As an adult, life can become so crowded, busy, grey, and repetitive. It's important to find a little color, practice some creativity, and value the unexpected in life.  Keep the Prince Tuesday and Daniel Striped Tiger alive in you. :-)  I suppose I'm being a bit overly reflective today, but lately it's been very busy busy busy with repetitive adult life. This blog and experimenting with fashion are my colorful unexpected. :-)

Tyler snapped these pics of me right after work before we went to the gym (busy busy, haha).  I absolutely love the color of the top, such a rich saturated color. The skirt is one of my long time favorites and I wear it quite a bit, how can you say no to a pin striped knee-skimming skirt? The boots I'm wearing though are a very new addition and I adore them. I found them on RueLaLa for about half of what they cost in the store, yay! They are perfect for Seattle weather, are SO comfortable and have such gorgeous details like the buttons at the top and the snake skin pattern around the sole and heel.

Top - Bobi -
Skirt - J Crew
Boots - Charles David "Cursive" Leather Tall Shaft -
Necklace - gift from my Sister-in-law  :-)
Sunglasses - Gucci -gift from my husband

xxxooo Coraleigh


  1. Coraleigh - These pics are amazing! Great outfit, and I am loving the lipstick.


  2. Hey Coraleigh! Orrett here. Just came across your page on FB, and I found my way here. I like your site.

    Glad to see you're living a great life!

    Take care, have fun.....


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