Friday, August 12, 2011

Heart & Sole

I just found out last night that I along with five other beautiful stylish ladies have won Sole Society's Fashion Insider Contest!!! :-D  I've won a free pair of their gorgeous shoes, AND I'll be featured on their website, possibly in October, as a Fashion Insider! I am SO excited! This contest was actually the inspiration for me to begin this blog site, as it was judged by 6 amazing fashionable bloggers (They are in my Inspirations list on the right side of my page)  for whom I have much respect for, and I loved how Sole Society reached out to us regular women for our fashionable shoe-wearing style opinions. :-)

For anyone who hasn't visited them yet Sole Society is an online personalized shoe club specializing in designer quality shoes that are stylishly similar to ones you would see on the runway! Since their company launch to the public in March 2011 I've excitedly and without trepidation purchased a pair every month.  I LOVE their shoes. I had never before purchased shoes online for fear that they wouldn't fit right, or pinch my feet or look cheaper in person. Every pair that I've received are so high quality, look amazing, and as I joke to my husband sometimes, I could probably jog in them (not going to try though, haha).

As part of the contest we were asked to submit a photo of our stylish selves wearing our favorite pair of Sole Society shoes. I immediately decided to go with my stunning red "Accent" pair as they are the pride of my shoe collection. :-)  Since I really wanted to highlight the shoes for the photos I wore a neutral palette of colors. My brown cotton shorts, embroidered grey ruffle tank, silver silky ribbon belt, and white cloche style hat fit my objective perfectly. I also added my fun little red patent leather Coach wristlet to play off the shoes. :-)  This combo also had an interesting variety of textures which is another thing I love to do when styling an outfit.

Beginning with the photo I submitted to the contest, below are the photo's my husband Tyler took of me that day.  :-)  This was my first photoshoot ever so I only have a few pics, haha.

Top - Lush - Nordstrom
Shorts- American Eagle
Shoes - Accent by Marco Santi - Sole Society
Wristlet - Coach
Hat - ? - a shop in Seaside, OR
Bracelet - ? - a shop in Seaside, OR


  1. your red shoes are great! I think that sometimes an accessory can made a look and this is the case!


  2. Hi Francesca,

    I absolutely agree with you! These were the statement piece that I built my outfit around. :-)

    Thanks for commenting! :-)

  3. I love the shoes... <3




Thank you for commenting! :-)

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