Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Hour at Gasworks Park

Wednesday night after work Tyler and I decided it would be fun and something different to meet up with some friends at Gasworks Park for our own Happy Hour. :-)  We packed up crackers and cheeses, jellys and honey, and a bottle of white wine, yummm. Gasworks is actually right across the water from us, we see it every day from our window, but haven't been in ages. It's a beautiful park with an amazing view of the city, and still retains its original coal to gas processing towers from 1906.

Tyler managed to snap these pics of me before we met up with our friends. :-)  I had just picked up this skirt at a thrift store; I fell in love with the deep saturated teal color, and couldn't wait to wear it. Pairing it with something I already had, though, was a bit trickier than I thought due to this amazing shade. In the end I decided to go with an orange tank because I love how color wheel opposites attract (art class 101 haha). The tank did kinda scream ORANGE though, plus I was after a bit of a dressier look so I layered it with a slightly opaque silver tank. For accessories I went with grey/silver tones to play off the silver tank and to provide a sort of a neutral background to balance out the powerful blue and orange colors going on. I chose wedge shoes because I love heels and since I knew we were going to be on grass, I didn't want to sink in. Plus, I love the way that strappy-bootie style shoes look with skirts and shorts. :-)

Skirt - XOXO (thrifted)
Orange tank - Costco
Silver Tank - Club Monaco
Shoes - Allessandra Wedges by Marco Santi - Sole Society
Wristlet - Coach
Sunglasses - Thrifted
Watch - borrowed from Husband
Necklace - JCrew

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